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Shine all the time as a Christian
pastor corner

One of my favorite flowers is the azalea. I love to go through Bonaventure Cemetery this time of year just to see row after row of assorted colors of this beautiful flowering bush.
The problem with most varieties is that they only bloom for a short period of time; once they open into full bloom, they only last for, like, a week.
Another of my favorite flowering bushes is the knockout rose. The great thing about these flowers is that they can bloom up to eight or nine months per year.
Both bushes remind me of people calling themselves Christians. Some have radiances about them almost all the time, while others shine just every once in a while. In Matthew 5:16, Jesus tells his followers to let our light shine before others so that they can see what good God is doing through us, as well as the end result being God himself getting the credit.
When we don’t let our light shine and others can’t see positive changes in us, those watching us aren’t attracted to following Jesus Christ, and God ends up getting bad publicity.
May the Lord forgive us when our lives repel others away from Christianity, and may we desire to live lives that attract others to the beautiful life that God can create.

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