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What kind of God is this?
Pastor's corner

I think about the love I have for my wife all the time, especially the feeling I have when I see her smile. The joy that comes over me when I am the source of that smile is overwhelming. Sometimes the hair on the back of my neck stands up when she walks into a room. It is easy to love someone this way, especially when you know that the love is reciprocal. I am sure there are some husbands who can identify with what I am saying.
Now picture the woman you love so dearly coming into a room one day and telling you that she is with child, even though you have never known her intimately. Then she informs you that it is the Lord’s child, Christ. I ask you, what would you do?
This was the position Brother Joseph was placed in when he learned the Virgin Mary was with child. I can just imagine him mumbling, “It can’t be mine,” or “How did this happen?” He, for good reason, must have been angry, disappointed and hurt. I am sure he thought about distancing himself from Mary. God, knowing the minds of His children, dispatched an angel to bear witness to Mary’s story through Joseph’s dream.
This is the avenue that God chose in order to bring His Son into the world so that we could be saved.
This is the time for celebration and joy! God, by supernatural means, gave His Son as a gift to this harsh, cold and callous world. What kind of God gives His only child to individuals who, at times, appear to hate and despise Him? Could you give your child away for the life of another? What kind of God is this, the kind that loves all of us unconditionally?
The love that this God has for us never fails. He is the kind of God who wants us to love one another the same way. He is the kind of God who sees us as His dear little children. He is the kind of God who asks us to believe the story of His Son and accept Him as our family. He is a great God and He gave us His child. So for this reason, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Son of God.
An awesome God He is!

Johnson is the pastor of Mount Zion Memorial Chapel and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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