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Human elements enliven 'Walking Dead'
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Walking Dead
AMC dug up the fourth season of The Walking Dead earlier this month. - photo by Studio photo

Halloween happens later this month, and I’m getting into the spirit by catching all new episodes of “The Walking Dead.” The most-watched drama in basic cable history  belongs to the AMC network and kicked off its fourth season earlier this month.
I know what you are thinking: Zombies? Really?
I’ve never been into the zombie genre, but every time I login to Facebook on a Sunday, “The Walking Dead” is the most-talked about subject, so I checked out the series for myself.
What I found was a very human story that had me hooked within two episodes.
I just couldn’t get enough!
The series follows Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy who is shot on duty and winds up in a coma. When he inexplicably awakens, he finds the hospital abandoned, signs of all-out war outside, and, well, the walking dead.
Rick arms himself and takes off on a quest to find his wife and son, believing they are alive and not knowing that his best friend and former partner has become a surrogate to them in his absence.
You know what that means — painful love-triangle alert!
By season two, Rick is reunited with his family. Beloved characters die left and right and a pregnancy happens. Oh my.
In the zombie apocalypse there are many ways to die. A zombie, also called a “walker” or a “biter,” can bite you, killing you and leaving you to return as one of them. Or an unfriendly human can murder you and, because in this world we all carry the zombie virus, even though you were not bitten, you’ll still come back as a walker.
As if the odds of survival weren’t bad enough, season four makes things worse. In the season premier a zombie virus was introduced. If you succumb you simply turn. Dun dun dun!
We can get this out of the way — I’m a fan!
What I love about “The Walking Dead,” as I said before, is the human drama.
It wouldn’t matter whether it was zombies making things intense or some natural disaster; what matters is the way our characters survive.
I dare you to watch. You’ll be hooked, too!
Of course, there is lots of gore involved, but that comes with the territory.
It must be said that my two favorite characters on the series are Daryl Dixon and Michonne. Daryl is a Georgia boy who is a bit of a black sheep and carries a crossbow. Michonne is a lone wolf and an alpha female who wields a Samurai sword.
Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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