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Faculty works on morale, fitness
Faculty participating in the program include, from left, in front, Sue Tolley, Amy Schultz, Mary Longacre, Catherine Longacre, Teressa Scott, Rose Mack; second row, Shiri Selby, Robin Snider, Rebecca Metivier, Jessica Foster, Kathleen Valentine, Melissa Pingley, Mayda Montero-Bonilla, Dorothy Phillips; third row, Vickie Funston, Chandra Baker, Tina Goodson, Roxanne Snider, Allyson Mangun, Angie Malek, Tina Norris; and in back, Mesh Morris, Lauren Meyers and Suzanne Harris. Participants not pictured include Rebecca Smith, Samantha Crawford, Megan McKnight, Robin Abbott, Lynn Poppell, Delania Smith, Brenda DíAngelo, Sheri Warde, Denise King, Teresa Goody, Melonie Tucker, Debra Keating, Felicia Thomas, and Loretta Adair - photo by Photo provided / Coastal Courier
Joseph Martin Elementary School staff members started a program, Partners for Fitness, to increase staff moral, and improve their health and mental well-being.
The Joseph Martin staff started the program at the beginning of the school year.
Guest speakers visit the staff after-hours at least three times a month.These speakers give expert advice on diet, exercise and motivation. The staff also receives literature once a week to inform them of physical and mental health issues. The staff participated in Women's Heart and Health Disease Awareness Week. In accordance with the National Wear Red Day, 2008, they dressed in red to support this cause. They are focusing on the American Red Cross Blood Drive in March. March is also the National Nutrition Month.
T-shirts were made to express membership in the program. The staff pays $5 to join and there are two sessions of the contest. The contest is the person that loses the most BMI during the session (first session is from Sept. 1 to Nov. 16 and the second session is from Jan. 14 to May 16) gets one third of the prize money (which is the dues), the person that loses the most inches gets one third of the prize money and the person that loses the most weight wins one third of the prize money. A monthly prize is given to the person that loses the most weight. Usually, the prize is a donated gift certificate from local businesses. Throughout the year, the PFF (Partners For Fitness) raffles off baskets and floral arrangements to the staff. The proceeds from the raffles help to purchase much needed exercise equipment, videos, music, supplies, etc. The staff is also looking into a grant that Carol Darsey (Lead Nurse for Liberty County) told them about. This grant (if the requirements are fulfilled) will allow staff and students to have a Play Station with the video game "Dance Revolution." This game is physical and would be great for staff and students.
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