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'Prisoners' is a great thriller
Showtime with Sasha
Hugh Jackman plays a father desperate to find his daughter and fixated on the possibility that Paul Dano's character may have done something to her. - photo by Studio photo

Today, I’m proud to introduce the thriller “Prisoners,” now in theaters. The film asks: How far would you go to protect your family?
In this remarkable drama, Hugh Jackman plays Keller, a Christian survivalist and blue-collar family man married to Grace (Maria Bello). They spend Thanksgiving with their neighbors, Franklin (Terrence Howard) and Nancy (Viola Davis). At some point, both couples’ little girls disappear.
The only lead is a dilapidated old RV that was seen earlier that day parked in the neighborhood. So, Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) arrests the driver, an odd young man named Alex (Paul Dano).
When Alex is released by the police, Keller isn’t convinced he doesn’t know more about the kidnapping. And he’ll stop at nothing to find his little girl. This makes things complicated. Ethical lines get crossed, and bones get broken.
Wow! We’ve been having a disappointing time here at “Showtime with Sasha.” I haven’t gotten to wave my fan for quite a while, but this film certainly changes things. “Prisoners” is an incredible story, delivered impeccably by a perfect cast. This probably is a career-best performance for Gyllenhaal, and it’s mesmerizing how powerful Dano performs without uttering a word. Well, not many words anyway.
If you’re a fan of whodunits, I dare you to figure out who done it this time.
I’m a fan!

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