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Sound Off Dec. 7
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At the latest count now, Hillary beat Trump by two million voters, which means we’re a divide country as we all thought, except there are more Democrats than Republicans. Trump will be the ruination of this country.

I read a study the other day. It was about how to be successful in America. There are three easy rules. One is don’t have babies before you get out of high school. Two is finish high school. Three is get a job. But there seems to be a lot of people who don’t want to do these things even though they are so simple. They just want to cry how unfair America is.

A million dollars for Midway’s much needed new city hall doesn’t seem like that much money when compared to the rent they pay out every month for the hole they are in next to a laundromat.

I’m calling in to all you cry babies there in Sound off. Ha, ha, ha, we won. Get over it. Work and make it on your own. We’re not here to support you. Make it on your own. That’s the way God wanted it.

America is a republic, not a democracy. It is for the people, by the people and of the people, and 50 million people voted for a leader to help all Americans. His paycheck for all the time he’s president will be $1. Isn’t that great, we got a low-paid president. Thank you, America for doing a good job.

Why is a K9 officer for HPD living with his girlfriend in Hinesville and his K9 Police dog is living with his wife (soon to be ex) in Ludowici, no one can handle that dog but the officer, so he is putting the community, his wife and the dog at risk.

For those interested, agendas and minutes of the Midway City Council are posted on the city’s webpage at 2010 through 2014 are available now.

Please, Sheriff Sikes, do something about the crossing guards at Taylor Creek. They almost caused an accident this morning. Them two ladies don’t know what they are doing. I have video tape for evidence....I’m glad this is my son’s last year there.

Everyone should Google and read Paul Ryan’s legislative agenda. This is what is coming down the road for the American people. I wish he would remember that Clinton won by more than 2.5 million votes and the American people did not vote for his agenda.

I wish Fort Stewart would instill in their soldiers what it is to be a good homeowner, and not walk away from their homes when they get their new orders. Check out the current issue of the Courier and count how many are military owned homes that are being foreclosed.

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