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Sound off for April 10

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I have sent numerous sound offs to your fish wrap regarding how you seem to only publish anti-Trump sound offs. I have yet to see any of them published. I truthfully believe your newspaper is no different than CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and all the other liberal media who are trying to undermine our president. Shame on you.

Thank you Dr. Lee for everything you did to improve our Liberty School system. And Marcus Scott, your a loser. Next year your term is up, in May of next year to be exact. Anybody in district 5 up to the challenge?

It will be soon proven by congressional hearings that President Trump and his staff colluded with Russia, a known adversary of the United States. I predict President Trump will not finish out his first term. He is not fit for public office.

Hallelujah, misguided, corrupt evangelism is alive and well. Surely you remember the PTL Club and Jim Baker. Guess what, he’s remarried and has a talk show. And, he’s asking for money. Get your checks ready, send some diamonds or fill out an automatic draft.

Volunteer coaches for kids, are they allowed to have had DUIs and still be allowed to coach kids?

Is the grand jury going to look into the board of education’s expenditure of $200,000 for someone who doesn’t work here? If so, good. If not, why not?

I saw where our government elected and appointed officials were going to St. Simons for another workshop. Why not call this what it really is, a two-day vacation on our dime. Shame on them.

Just saw on the news the CEO of Memorial Health in Savannah is stepping down. I wonder if she’ll get salary after she leaves? I betcha not.

The words "stupid" and "dumb" are wrongfully used. Stupid is the inability to learn while dumb is not knowing.

I noticed in Sunday’s paper on the front page, the Eleven Black Men. And that’s great. But if you was to put 11 white men on the front, do you know what it would be called? It would be called the KKK. Now, what’s wrong with the progress today?

I don’t think the president of the United States or any of us are against legal immigration to this country. Most of us for years have worked with people from all over the world who assimilated, learn the language and love this country.

All the people who keep saying evil things about the president of the United States and then use God should look in the mirror. God would not care so much with all that evil in your heart. Let’s all work together to make this a better country.

A few weeks ago, to honor Confederate veterans, at Gumbranch cemetery and Liberty Baptist Church, also I put Confederate flags on all known Confederate veteran graves. A week or so later they were all gone. I guess those churches don’t want to honor those who were the founders of those churches and brave heroes of the South.

Just because you’re buddy-buddy with the principal at a school doesn’t mean your children should not be held accountable for their actions at school. This is in reference to fighting and cursing.

I was in a friend’s shop and asked how his pastor was doing. He told me that while the pastor was out sick they voted him out and voted the assistant pastor in. And they didn’t pay the old pastor for three months while he was sick. That doesn’t sound like much of a church to me.

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