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Sound off for April 11
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I would like to thank a woman and a man who came to my aid when I took a nasty fall on Norman Street on March 31. They called 911 as well as an ambulance, which took me to Liberty Regional. I want them to know I am doing fine, thanks to their help. The residents had made several complaints to the city to fix the road, which was damaged due to a tree root splitting the asphalt. But as things go around here, it takes an accident to get things done. The road was fixed right away. Afraid of a lawsuit?

The city thinks they might want to use SPLOST funds to pay off city hall, huh? Well, yeah, now that might just be a good idea.

School is about to be out. Parents, this summer, please make sure your kids are engaged in good, wholesome, constructive activities. Let’s not have juveniles wreaking havoc all over the city for once.

I saw where a new command sergeant major is taking over on Fort Stewart. Good luck, Sgt. Maj. Gilpin. We’re happy to have you in our community.

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