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Sound off for April 17

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Can someone tell me why that murder suspect that had the long rap sheet was even out on the street?

Good news for all you Freedom Caucus people out there that’s sabotaging Trump. The Las Vegas mob boys are taking odds that Trump won’t finish his term. We may all get rich, just like Trump said.

Just want to say thanks to all the guys and gals doing an excellent job cleaning up 84 near Midway. It really looks great.

Some people said there are people on post selling coupon books, making money. I don’t know if that is an illegal enterprise, or if you are allowed to sell coupon books.

I think Bradwell should be investigated for letting a travel team use the softball field and also letting kids’ parents have copies of the keys to get on the field.

Why in the world does the board of education get the right to give Dr. Lee and yearly pay for not even working? When you’re fired you’re fired. The whole board needs to be investigated.

The sad condition our country is in is not because of the voters. It is because of the vast majority of non-voters. Y’all ought to say thanks, but it’s much worse than nothing. Our do-nothing Congress is the result of our do-nothing voters.

When will citizens of Hinesville realize they cannot make a left turn into or out of the new shopping center unless they are at the light? Do you realize you are putting the residents of Eagles Creek at risk by trying to turn left. Myself and my family have almost been hit multiple times because of the illegal turns.

Thank you Longhorn for coming to Hinesville. As an employee I feel a little neglected by being told that according to state law we aren’t entitled to breaks. We work 10-12 hours a day on our feet. First impressions are important to lifelong citizens of Liberty county. Shame on you.

It’s nice to know that two clinics will be coming to the area. Those are needed. Hopefully people will utilize them.
Does anyone else think a nice, sit-down restaurant would make it in Hinesville? All we seem to get is more of the mass market junk that you can get about anywhere. It’s a shame you have to drive to Savannah for something with a little atmosphere, a little classy with fresh not frozen food served by a staff that actually enjoys what they do.

The county pays $155,000 or more for the select few, but has to negotiate with Motorola for a delay in paying for the E911 upgrade. Will Dr. Lee’s payoff be delayed also? Liberty County = Wanta be.

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