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Sound off for April 2
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I have never lived in an area where so many people drive high-end vehicles and are living in trashed-out trailers. It seems their priorities are all wrong.

I was walking on 84 this morning, crossing over at Stewart Way, and an empty school bus was coming by. The tires were worn, the brakes were squeaking. It’s dangerous for children to ride around on an unsafe bus like that.

I want to say how much I love and appreciate my pastor, Rev. Newberry, and his wife at the Crossroads Holy Church of God at Highway 196 and Airport Road.

I saw the cartoon about president Obama in the newspaper. It seems all respect is gone for the man who is the leader of this country. No wonder young people don’t have respect today. Would a person be able to talk about their minister or boss or school teacher and have nothing happen?

I saw in the paper where Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band are coming back to Fort Stewart. It’s really great that a big-name actor like that supports our troops and his country so much. More celebrities could learn a lesson from him. And his music sounds good, too!

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