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Sound off for April 7
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I appreciate Rep. Al Williams for enlightening us with what’s going in the legislature. What I can’t understand is one thing: Why do people still vote these same people back in that want to take away everything from them? They don’t want to expand the Medicaid. They don’t want you to have health insurance. And they got money and they are covered, but they don’t want you to have none. The only thing that I can conclude is they don’t want the president to have any credit on anything to help the people. But, Al, you keep going, man, and keep us informed on what’s going on. Maybe these people will wake up one day and see what’s happening to them.

I am walking at the track at James Brown Park, and there is a Liberty County School System car with the motor running and two people sitting in it, and I’m wondering what they’re doing burning taxpayers’ money.

I’m sorry, if the buses are only being inspected once a month, they would be in violation of DOT code. They should be inspected at least twice a day, once at the beginning and once at the end of the shift of the driver since they are DOT-regulated vehicles. Any issues with the vehicles should be turned into your CSR, who then turns it over to the mechanics, who then take care of the problem prior to the next driving shift.

Ironic placement on the editorial page with the letter from the gentleman who is pro-gun in every situation, next to the editor’s column about how guns don’t need to be in houses with children, in light of the 2-year-old boy shooting his mother.

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