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Sound off for Aug. 1

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I’m a taxpayer in Ludowici and would like to commend the mayor. He has dropped our city taxes two times and he’s fixing to do it again, all while the county, state and federal governments continue raise taxes.

This is about the parapros. The way the American system works, if you go to college you get more choices and you get paid more. So, parapros, go to college, become a teacher and you don’t have to be a parapro anymore.

I have not shopped at our Dollar General since the Family Dollar opened. Their shelves are always full and they have a good assortment.

What are these schools feeding our kids these days? No nutritional information available? Very interesting. Just another scheme from Barrack Hussein Obama to keep our American children at low test scores.

I’m tired of seeing our leaders in Congress saying the big problem to our national debt is Social Security and Medicare and that this is an entitlement. If you look at your paycheck, these programs are 100 percent funded by FICA and are zero is on the national debt. It’s time to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires. The problem with our debt is 58 percent of the federal budget is defense and out of the defense budget 52 percent is benefits (entitlements). Maybe they need to cut entitlements out of the defense budget.

Now the Trump campaign lied about his wife’s education, they should do some fact checking before they put something out there. I have a couple of questions about Mrs. Trump: When she was born, the country was Yugoslavia and wasn’t that a communist country? Was she a member of the Young Communist Party? Were her parents members of the Communist Party?

Nurse Denisia on MedSurg at Liberty Regional is one of the best nurses at this hospital. Thank you for taking GREAT care of my mom! She still talks about you! You set the bar high!

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