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Sound Off for Aug 27

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I don’t know what everybody’s complaining about. I’m from Detroit, and anytime McDonald’s getting a new plot is on the front page of the paper, that means this is a good neighborhood. I’m just saying. Like, McDonald’s going to Ludowici is on the front page of the paper. Good job, Hinesville.

Frank Long Elementary is in pure dire straits. It’s got to be the most unorganized, uninformed school in the county. Here, parents reign and teachers go down the drain. Our opinions are not taken in effect, even when asked. In all my years in this county, I’ve never seen a more distant, unapproachable administration. If it can’t be done in an email, oh well. Discipline for students is pretty much a parent’s dream. It’s just a sweet conversation with students. Gone are the days of students respecting teachers. Now, we must talk sweetly to non-compliant students and invite them to please follow the rules with no punishment.

Thank you for the article in Sunday’s paper about recycling. The information is very useful. It needs to be stressed over and over for people to get involved in recycling and just for them to realize how important that is to our planet.

To you who are concerned about the church paying $200, why are you concerned? You don’t go. Maybe you should go to church and find out what’s really going on.

We just had a 30-minute Georgia Power outage, which in a way was a blessing in disguise, because I went outside and talked to my neighbor across the street for a half-hour. Even though we live across the street, we hardly ever spoke. But we spoke because of the power outage. We were outside.

Isn’t it interesting and Bill Gates and CISCO are pushing amnesty, but both companies have laid off thousands and thousands in America? Why are they pushing amnesty? To give lower-wage jobs to these people that are coming into the country illegally. They’re taking jobs from your kids, my kids, everybody’s kids. No matter what color or culture we are, we are being destroyed. Our jobs are being taken away from us. We need to stick together and vote all these people out who want amnesty.

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