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Sound Off for Aug 29

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What happened to the well-oiled machine of parent pick-up at Joseph Martin Elementary? Now it’s like pouring molasses uphill in Vermont in the middle of winter.

Violent reactions won’t be the answer or will solve nothing. Did Martin Luther King sacrifice his life for, what, for nothing? Please, people, listen to him.

I’m calling about I read in the newspaper about how the teachers, the money that they make in our area, and that’s great. But did you know that our parapros, who work really hard and do half the work of the teachers, haven’t had a raise in five or six years, according to some of the parapros that I talked to? I heard the person over the board of education, Ms. Lee, is fair. Well, shouldn’t it be time that she looks into why parapros, who work so hard and help our children, haven’t had a raise in six years? That’s very disgraceful.

The Liberty County superintendent just got a $20,000-a-year raise, and it has been 2006 since any staff at the Liberty County Board of Education has got any kind of raise — teachers, paras, anything? Seriously? Seriously?

Our Liberty County EMS, we still have a lot of trucks that go over to Long County. I would like to say to Long County, our folks in Liberty County come first. You need to put more trucks, since you got rid of Liberty County trucks over there, since you bid them out and you got the lowest bid. So to me, all our trucks, sometimes I see three or four trucks going to Long County for mutual aid. I will say to Liberty County people, wake up. It’s all right to send one truck or something, but this new service in Long County, get more people, get more trucks and cover your own county.

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