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Sound off for Aug 9

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“Midway needs to stop worrying about building a $2.7 million city hall and hire people that can take care of the city they now have. The city has changed little in the 58 years I have lived here.”

“Why our sheriff has to have a $20,000 pay raise? I don’t understand. Where does it state he has to have that big of a raise?”

“The million dollar question is will Donald Trump Sr. pardon Donald Trump Jr. when he is convicted of a crime.”

“If you don’t raise your kids, the streets will raise them for you. Parents, guardians, it is not the teachers, police or church’s place to raise your children. Set the example now. Don’t cry and blame others later. The results are yours.”

“Commissioner Justin Frasier is a sad excuse for county commissioner. He rarely attends county meetings and the commission board knows it but does nothing about it. Sad. Can’t wait for the next election to vote him out. “

“Walthourville Police Chief Bernie Quarterman needs to run for mayor. Chief, please put your badge and gun down and lead the city. You’re educated, experienced and ethical, and people like you. Send Daisy Pray to the house. You already have lots of votes!

“To all the liberal snowflakes who still can’t get over that America elected a true American over a corrupt, crooked and lying Clinton. Get over it and accept the fact that Mr. Trump is and will be your president for the next eight years. “Impeachment,” let’s see, the last president who was impeached was a guy named Clinton. I rest my case.”

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