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Sound off for Dec. 12

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To the person who posted that Hillary had 2 million more votes. Guess what, the popular vote does not decide the election. Go back to school and take a course on government.

Meet online, he was upstairs. Cannot believe we have someone actually that dumb in this day and age, pitiful, needs serious help.

More whining about the popular vote. People, please try very hard to understand this, there is a reason why there is an electoral college. That way, the states with the largest populations cannot control the government. If you look at the election map, you will see that most of the states in this country went to Mr. Trump. That is why he won. This is not the first time this happened and it will not be the last. Please, try to understand. Your way may not necessarily be the best way and clearly a lot of people in this country wanted change. Now we must work to all get along and make sure that the extremists, whether they are racially or religiously motivated, do not think they have a free ticket to hurt others. Again, Hillary did not win. Move on.

Joesph Martin Elementary, Waldo Pafford Elementary, Midway Middle, Midway Elementary, Lyman Hall Elementary, Button Gwinnett, all these schools are falling (sic) are (sic) children.

There’s a reason test scores haven’t reason (sic). The current superintendent is too busy padding her resume with all her time-wasting ideas and initiatives. Morale remains at an all-time low and the board doesn’t care. Look at all the capable staff who’ve left/been run off. No one whose (sic) been in our community any time can seriously think our kids, schools or staff are better off.

If you see the oppression of the poor, and the violent perversion of justice and righteousness in a province, do not marvel at the matter; for high official watches over high official, and higher officials are over them. Ecclesiastes 4:8

All the whiners on here need to understand one thing. The people let their voice be heard. They were sick of cheating, lying, do nothing politicians and voted in change. You lost get over it!

Good Lord! Numbers of books "read," and yes, I use that ironically, do not necessarily equate to numbers of books actually comprehended. Tests administered (also electronically) after the book is read are soon forgotten. For the love of all that is holy in any religion, do not go completely electronic just to save money. What you are doing to your children’s knowledge is simply not worth it.

It is very interesting that all across America, the activity and results of scam artists are looked down upon, reported, and usually prosecuted. Why then, when a person in a trusted position scams American citizens on a large scale, do we applaud? Such is the case of Donald Trump, who is scamming Americans over the jobs situation. He is offering benefits to these companies with your future tax dollars, of which he does not pay a cent. He looks down on the little people like us who are the keepers of these United States. Yet, he is given a large stage to belittle your intelligence and value. Is hate worth that much? Please be wise. Look at his cabinet picks, just what he said he would throw out. An expensive journey is ahead for a man who has no record of giving but only taking.

I am a wheelchair-bound legless soldier and even I stand for the anthem. It is a miracle. Papa bless.

It is very disappointing to see parents in their 60s and 70s having to support their grown children. Parents need to show some tough love. Are you part of the problem as you always clean up their financial messes? Giving money out like candy is not the answer. It is your responsibility as a parent to promote your children’s self-sufficiency. If you don’t, then you are part of the reason they will fail after you are gone.

It is a shame when a parent shows partiality between their children. When you do for one, you should do the same for the other. You are creating resentment and insecurity of parental love.

I-16 is actually one of the few intrastate interstates we have in the country. It terminates in Savannah and Macon.

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