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Sound off for Dec. 22
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To any businesses flying the American flag: It is disrespectful to fly a faded or tattered American flag, to fly it at night without proper illumination or to fly it in the rain.

It’s very nice to see that everyone’s put their Christmas decorations at Walthourville, Hinesville, Flemington, Allenhurst. However, is there any chance of some sort of quality assurance, someone checking the functioning of the bulbs? Kind of takes away from a beautiful decoration if it doesn’t work.

Whatever happened to the news about the doctors going to Africa to give free medical care to the African people to win their hearts and minds?

I can’t stand the saying “happy holidays.” I wish everybody — everybody — a very, very merry Christmas and happy New Year’s. I can’t stand the “happy holidays.” Everybody have a very, very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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