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Sound off for Dec. 26

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Since the GOP in Congress is going to cut Social Security and privatize Medicare, maybe it is time for them cut their entitlements (health care, retirement, pay and etc.) and enact term limits.

For the last 8 years I have been constantly hearing from my Republican friends that the current administration was illegal due to his birth place and that he is really a Muslim so he cannot be our president. Now that we have had a new election and I bring up the fact the newly elected president did not win the popular vote- I am a sore loser and a whiner. So I guess it is just ok for republicans to complain.

If you look at history dictators surround themselves with military and the rich advisors. Is that what we are seeing with Trump?

I am still trying to find the McDonalds in Ludowici.

So, will the Courier be publishing the CCRPI scores for our schools so that we can see how our schools are progressing?

Why is the city allowing highway construction to be conducted on Friday at 196 and Frank Cochran Rd. in the middle of the evening when everyone’s getting off work? Common sense was not factored in on this decision. Why (sic) to go genius!

The Russians use measures short of war to further strategic ends against your country. The United States will have to address the problems of Russia intervention and threats short of war if is to prevent further erosion of its global influence by the Russians. I can only hope our lawmakers don’t lower the bar for the Russians. The Cold War is not over, let’s not give the Russians a pass.

It is a shame that a newly constructed house which is listed by a Realtor has been sitting since hurricane Matthew with no one checking on the damage the siding is ripping and it looks terrible! So I guess the real estate agent is not concerned with the listing.

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