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Sound off for Dec. 3

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Not so long ago the mayor and city council raised their salaries 167 percent. Now they’re very gracious in taking a 10 percent deduction. Whoop-de-doo. In this time of crisis, why not go back to pre-167 percent raise days?

I just went over to Lewis Frasier Middle School to pay on a lunch account, and the staff was so friendly. From the time I walked into the front door, everyone there was so friendly. Mr. Williams, you have a wonderful staff. Keep up the good work.

This is for the school board. I wanted you to know about bus 27 — what you did to that little girl on Desert Shield was completely uncalled for. If you don’t want to stop and pick her up, then maybe you need to be finding another job.

Thank you, Coastal Courier, for bringing back the property transfers section. That has been very missed the last few years. I’m glad to see it back. Now, if you could bring back an entertainment page like you used to have, with TV schedules and movie times for local movies and other entertainment articles, that would be very much appreciated.

You shouldn’t raise taxes unless you get rid of the buses that nobody rides first. That’ll save several hundred thousand dollars a year, or more. Get rid of the buses. Don’t make the property tax owners pay for that.

This is to the person complaining about the adult pricing for the school system lunches: You pay for a child’s ticket at a movie and an adult ticket at a movie, but you’re seeing the same movie.

Everybody knows that the reason a lot of people didn’t vote for SPLOST is they were very upset about the big raises that some people in the county got. That was ridiculous and it made people angry. This is a waste of our money. Why some people got huge raises, and we have many people struggling to make ends meet.

As a retired veteran, I think all these people giving their two-cents’ worth about the troop reductions on Fort Stewart are those who work on post, greedy business owners and local politicians who like to raise taxes, build multi-million-dollar buildings and like to travel all over the world on our dime. Let the troops go, and let Hinesville go back to being a quiet, sleepy town with low taxes.

Why can’t we have a Publix store in this town? Richmond Hill has three or four grocery stores, you have choices. And we have two: Kroger and Food Lion, that are really separated from each other. Why can’t we have choices? This is wrong.

I just want to thank the people at Family Dollar for the very good customer service. This is the reason I shop at that store. Unlike other stores, you go in, you greet an employee and they ignore you. These people are always friendly no matter who you are, they always are helpful.

On Fox News this morning, it said that the president will discriminate against Americans and give each employer $3,000 out of our tax money to hire illegals. This is what discrimination is. We need to fight things like this instead of stupid other things. We need to fight for American citizens.

Shame on you, Long County commissioners. You hit an all-time low recently when you appointed a man who was facing arson charges and who was fired from the sheriff’s office to the development authority. Having him on there should be a real good way to bring more business and industry to our county.

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