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Sound off for Dec. 7
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"The man that sells the paper at the neighborhood Walmart is selling it for $2 more than other sellers. Is something going to be done about this?"

Editor’s note: We have no authorized resellers, except some stores that generally add sales tax. A cheaper way to get the Courier is from a newsstand, which includes sales tax, and the cheapest is to subscribe.

"Hello, I am a McDonald’s team member and I have to clear up the concerns with the milkshakes. We have what we call a "McThankYou" which is essentially a ticket apologizing for the error and treats you to one item of your choice next visit. Please, please ask for one the next time McDonalds has an issue with the milkshake machines, so we can try to correct it."

"I wonder how the charities — Red Cross, United Way, churches — will do next year when the new tax bill says that there will be no charitable deductions. Thank you, David Perdue!"

"To the person complaining about the Starbucks cup in the Dec. 4 Sound off: Remember that not everyone shares the same archaic values as you. If you disagree with a company, simply do not shop there."

"I agree that Hinesville is getting more restaurants but it’s pretty much burger joints and fast food. You have to go to Savannah for a decent restaurant with some style and class!"

"The Republican passed a similar tax plan in 1929 and we all know what happening in October 1929."

"Three years ago, Liberty High had a CCRPI score of 90 and won an award from the governor. Just two school years later, their CCRPI score is 72. That is quite a big drop. Does our BOE even care enough to find out what has caused this to happen?"

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