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Sound off for Jan. 9

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The Savannah Morning News reported on the 19th that Georgia electors are in lockstep with Trump. It should have read Georgia electors are in goose step behind Trump.

Does the hospital authority of Liberty County bid out their construction projects or do they just use the contractor that banks with the hospital authority’s bank?

Where I live, I get a lot of door-knockers, salesmen, all adults, male and female. It’s become a problem. Is it legal in Hinesville to answer the door buck naked? I don’t want to go to jail. I just want to know if it is legal.

To the person complaining about Mr. Jones and his staff in the tax office, read the news. First they are in a legal battle over trying to tax housing on Fort Stewart. Secondly, Jack Kingston left Congress to run for Senate and got beat. He’s no longer a congressman or senator. You’re not up to date. Touché

Wait a minute, who’s leading our country, The Donald or Putin? It seems Putin is making all the decisions and Donald is just going along. Where are we headed? People are talking about nukes. That’s important. Republicans don’t see it. Anyway, just pray.

Vladimir Putin will play Donald Trump like a country fiddle and then beat him like a drum. We are in the most dangerous time of U.S. history. Putin is a former KGB colonel. He has personally killed people.

Liberty County High School should have an open house for the second semester of school. Parents got the opportunity in the first semester. You shouldn’t have to schedule a conference just for a meet-and-greet.

I’ve been back from Vietnam from 1970 and I still dread fireworks. The loud noises still scares the everything out of me.

Dylann Roof, that convicted Charleston church shooter, should be sentenced to life in prison in solitary confinement.

You anti-Trump callers need to go home to your life-sized portrait of Hillary, light a few candles and have a good cry. Imagine she’s consoling you. Believe me she’s doing OK. She skimmed $150 million as secretary of state selling access to our government. She didn’t want to be president, she wanted to be queen.

In the new year, 2017, I hopes Midway gets the new city hall, and a Walmart and definitely we need a new grocery store. I hope we get them all.

Congratulations, voters of Liberty County. You, as of Jan. 1, 2017, you’ll be paying 9 cents a dollar in taxes. Great job on that sales tax. You fell for it, live with it. I’m glad I don’t have to shop in this county anymore.

Editor’s note: Your amount and date are incorrect. Sales tax in Liberty goes to 7 cents on April 1, and that amount is the same in many area counties.

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