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Sound off for July 1

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Does the Coastal Courier not believe in proofreading? The Sunday, June 14, paper named the county commission chairman as Conbald Lovette. The staff should be ashamed of such an egregious error. This newspaper is below bush league.

Yes, we’re living in a time where God is just picking out his chosen people, and God has chosen people that want to go back to be with him. But when people are full of hatred, whether they’re white ISIS or black ISIS, you’re not going to be with him. You’re going to spend eternity with the Satan that he created hell for. And you’re just letting him know which way you’re going. You’re not going to be with him, with all of these hatred and thoughts and no kind of love because he’s a loving God. He made all of us, every last one of us. There’s no one else who has done this besides him. He controls heaven and Earth and hell. Thank you and God bless you. Let love be your guide.

I think Dylann Roof is going to get his when he goes to prison. Those people in prison, they’re already in prison — what can they do to them? They’re already in prison. He’s going to get his attitude adjusted in prison and rightfully so.

Hi, I’m responding to the Sound off in the Wednesday, June 24, paper in reference to the new principal at Liberty County High School. Yes, she is related to someone that the Liberty County High School stadium is named for. But if you had done your homework, you would realize she is the best candidate for the job. She has been employed with the Liberty County School System for a very, very long time. She’s been an assistant principal for a very, very long time. She is very deserving of this job, and congratulations to her.

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