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Sound off for June 20

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Recently, a family member was sought out to work at a summer program at FPCA. After going through the interview process and being hired, a student’s parent found out about who was hired. That parent went to the administration and told them that if that person was hired they would withdraw the student from the summer program. This employee would not be working with this student and didn’t even know that student would be in the summer program. The employee was let go. What did this employee do wrong? Nothing other than being married to the man that this parent ended up cheating on and breaking up a family and this employee just trying to make ends meet.

Hats off to the newly elected City Council. You’re doing an outstanding job. Keep it up.

When will the signs leading off the new addition of Veterans Parkway be replaced, or even will they? It’s hard to tell people where you live without them. For some reason they were all removed.

I would like the BOE to explain why kids are returning to school so early. Summer isn’t officially over until Labor Day. Why do teachers lose part of their summer because these crummy decisions are made? It’s too bad our teachers and students aren’t treated as well as the other counties because they get out earlier and go back later than our schools. If this continues, there won’t be a summer break at all.

If parapros are so important in the schools. Then why are they made to feel as if they are only there to work bad and do what they are told. Their opinions are not worth the school’s time.

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