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Sound off for June 3
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the caller:

Here’s to a couple of regular customers who eat in Ludowici. If they have a problem with how I cut my kid’s food up, they should cut it themselves. Mind your own business.

Why did the board of education dismiss Button-Gwinnett’s principal? Wake up and investigate this. I thought she was doing an excellent job.

I wonder why Republicans are so concerned at this time about saving Medicare and Medicaid, which they never wanted before. They wanted to balance their budget on poor people’s backs, but now they want to save Medicare.

To the person who called concerning the students marching after 14 years, it’s called a graduation ceremony — not a marching ceremony. If they want to march, join the Army.

The poor kids at Snelson-Golden who screwed up during the year and got a referral, they were not allowed to go to field day. So everybody in the school knew who the kids were who got referrals, which should be a private matter.

I understand that most teachers went to college, and if you remember, during a lecture, every two hours or so, you got 15-minute breaks. Why is it schools expect teenagers or young kids to sit for eight hours and not get up and have a break?

Way to go, board of education, now you want to suspend kids more and give them what they want. What you need to do is give them more school, which would be punishment for these kids.

I thought if a child went to school for 14 years, wouldn’t that child have already walked across the stage and be a sophomore in college? I have a question about that one.

I’d like to know how some states can put parents in jail for not having their kids attend school, but the schools can kick kids out. Aren’t they breaking the law by kicking kids out of school when the law says children should be in?

At the carnival on 84 and McIntosh Road, I drive by there several times a day and I noticed those little ponies stand out there in the 90-degree heat. There are no provisions or anything. Has anybody checked on those ponies?

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