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Sound off for March 10

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Wonder what it takes to solve a dangerous situation in this community. There’s a tree falling in a yard on Cherokee Trail since the winds over a week ago, and nobody seems interested in getting it down safely. What if it happens to fall while little children are playing nearby?

So tired of Taylors Creek teachers with their Twitter and the hashtag, even hashtags in their arguments in the Sound off. Just teach.

If you or a family member have a new bicycle that you know you did not purchase, you need to turn it in to the police. It’s probably stolen. Thank you.

I would like to thank our clerk, Liberty County Clerk of Superior Court Barry Wilkes, for his article in Sunday’s paper. He sent me a birthday card when I first came into Midway, Georgia, from Savannah. And that was a little thing I should’ve thanked him for. I knew then what kind of person he was, a Christian, just from that. Thank you, Barry Wilkes, for your message to us. I wish that everyone would know what fine people, what Christian people, we have in Hinesville in office. Thank you.

I would like to say “thank you” to the Coastal Courier for the article about our Superior Court clerk, Barry Wilkes. It’s such a interesting story that he has here about the day the Lord brought me back to life. And to be talking about the Lord and God in a article meant a lot to me as a person. And I want to thank the ones that’s in office. And I pray for the ones in office. They need our prayers. We’re told to pray for our government and officials, and I do that. Thank you, Mr. Barry, for this wonderful story. Thank you.

What going on? We need real baseball coaches ... not football coaches ... Put players in the right spot. They also need real baseball practices ... Stop wasting are kids time and are parents time ... Go Panthers ...

Congratulations to the Coastal Courier for all the wonderful coverage of Liberty Co. HS making it to the State 4A Basketball Championship.  I love the way you covered the players, coaches and the wonderful season they had and their accomplishments.  OOPS!!!! My mistake!  You haven’t covered diddly squat on a team that finally brought some pride to the community.  I guess if it isn’t football it doesn’t count  What a pathetic excuse for a newspaper.
Editor’s note: The Courier has covered Liberty County High’s drive to the state AAAA boys basketball championship in every issue and online since the playoffs started, as well as throughout the regular season.

Commissioners, members of the City Council, mayor, sheriff, and Rep. Al Williams it’s time to wake up. There is rapidly growing homelessness problem in our community. The local shelter that many of you so highly regard and endorse is not sufficient nor has it produced a single success story. The homeless prevention program is a joke and absolutely nothing is being done to assist these individuals. The sheriff supports the new prisoner re-entry program yet he drives past the gazebo where many of the recently released offenders have been residing. WAKE UP! DO SOMETHING!

The regularly scheduled council meeting for the city of Riceboro on March 1, 2016, was embarrassing. If the meetings are open to the public, a certain council member and the mayor should know how to present themselves professionally at all times. If you can’t along with your current administration, how are the citizens of Riceboro supposed to trust you? Indecent and out of order.

To the idiots who decided to block off my street. I hope you think back to that decision when someone is rear ended and hurt or killed having to do a U-turn, because you decided to block off access to left turns from my neighborhood. Now we have to drive a mile past our homes just to turn around to go to Walmart. The traffic backup is insane with all of us doing U-turns, I guess it won’t be long to you block us from doing that as well. Plus as an added benefit home prices will go down in our neighborhood because who wants to put up with the inconvenience of the traffic routing put in front of us. Isn’t progress grand?

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