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Sound off for March 12
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I’m just surprised about the way these preachers are going around, they’re psyching people into giving money because they have an agenda, bringing in consultants and everything. They’ll tell you you’re going to get a blessing from the Lord. Why is the Lord going to tell him something that he’s not going to tell me? The Lord doesn’t need a middle man to tell me what I’m going to receive. I’ll tell you, this world is a mess.
I have a problem with grocery store bag boys. Sometimes they have not been taught that you do not put detergents and soaps in with vegetables and fruit. I had a bag boy put some bananas in with some dish detergent that got on my fruit. Please educate the bag boys.

 It will be interesting to see if those Republicans at city hall enforce the sign ordinance against Republican Buddy Carter by removing his signs from the right-of-way and piling them up at public works like they did with the Democratic candidates.
Thanks for keeping us up to date lately on road closures, detours and controlled burns in the area. It’s nice to know what’s going on with such things.

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