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Sound off for March 17
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A local car lot sold me a vehicle, and three days later, the vehicle needs a new engine. I wonder if anyone knows anything you can do about vehicle that’s been sold to me, and then three days later, it doesn’t even work, even though I purchased it as-is. Please let me know.

Amen to Ms. Shurtleff’s letter to the editor in the paper last Sunday. Now mayor and city council, if you’ll get the men off the street who wear their pants hanging down below their behinds, that will truly clean up Hinesville.

With all the windy weather on Wednesday and Thursday, do you think it’s a good idea for these controlled burns to be going on? Maybe not.

They wouldn’t have to forbid left turns at the Main Street intersection in Long County if people would’ve just been careful and waited until they had a clear opening in traffic to make their turn. Those accidents happened because people are impatient.

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