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Sound off for March 19
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In reference to the person who wanted to know whether there’s a specific time for your headlights to be on, how did you get your license? That’s one of the questions on the test.

Regarding the Randy Murray article about the egg: There was a doctor on TV not too long ago who stated that cholesterol that’s in the egg yolk is very important to the brain. Remember when every-
body ate the whole egg? I wonder if there was a difference in Alzheimer’s then. I just wanted you to know I agree about the egg. I think we all need the whole egg, not these egg whites.
To the school board: Why so many people is resigning from the school board and teacher’s parapros? What is the problem that’s going on with the school board?

I spent three days searching city hall for Republicans. I found none — only tax-and-spend Democrats.

Really, board of education? Let the two teachers, Brian and Tiffany Griggs, out of their contract and quit trying to make an example of them. This is just another example of this town being stupid — period. Let them go and further their careers.

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