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Sound off for March 26
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In the newspaper’s Hinesville Police Department blotters from March 8, there’s a dog bite. This man admitted to having bitten a dog, and the dog bit him back. When a dog bites a human, it’s deemed vicious. Was this man deemed as vicious? And were there any charges filed against this human?

I’d like to give a shout-out to the volunteers who helped with the car wash at the VFW on Saturday. Very, very good job.

I’m so sorry about Mike Manhatton’s death. We’re truly going to miss him in the Liberty County viewing area, and we have sympathy for his family.

I was at the city council meeting yesterday, and I want the four councilmen who were there to know that you all stood up and did what was right. You did a wonderful job listening to the evidence that was proven against the Ivy Lounge. You made the right decision. More council members in other cities need to stand up when we have problems at night clubs.

I hope the people who go down Davis Road enjoy putting their garbage out in front of people’s houses. There is so much garbage on this dirt road in the ditches. It seems like the county could provide some help to come pick up the garbage after these nasty people.

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