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Sound off for March 3
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I would like to reply to the commercial-vehicle comment in the Sound off, referencing Tremain Estates on Feb. 21. My comment is to the individual who does not possess the fortitude nor the neighborly decency: If you thought or saw we were in violation of the covenants and felt that our vehicle was an eyesore to the neighborhood, the neighborly thing to do would be to come to us and inform us, not post it in the local newspaper. We frequently speak to each other in passing; however, you cannot communicate your feelings or dislike to us in person of the vehicle being parked there for short periods of time, which it has been? May God bless you and cure you of your misery and hate. Your neighbor.

To the Liberty County school board: What is going on? All of these people are retiring or resigning. To the public: Look out and attend these school-board meetings and see what’s going on with our board of education. There are three board members who are always in the light and trying to get rid of people. To their superintendent: You be careful, the moves that you make.

To Mr. Gilliard, I hope you live up to what you said. I hope you are the main one to set an example for people, especially OMI, because you did not set an example at public works at OMI. So with your speech, I hope you took into consideration and find out and listen to what you told the rest of the people. Do what’s right and have common sense. So I hope you will follow your lead.

On 84 across from the new VA center, what is that big house going to be — the big house, right across from the VA, where they’re building the VA center? I was wondering what it’s going to be, so if someone could tell me, I would appreciate it.

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