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Sound off for March 31
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Why do we never see any arrests in the police reports for stolen shopping carts? The retail businesses in Hinesville pay at least $150 for each of the carts. Most businesses buy plastic carts instead of metal to discourage theft for recycling. The worst offense that I know of personally is the theft of nearly 20 carts from the Dollar Tree in Hinesville. The Dollar Tree only had two shopping carts yesterday; an employee was using one to restocks shelves, the other one had a pole attached to prevent customers from taking it out of the store. The manager said police reports have been filed and the district manager has been notified and new carts should be coming soon. The loss of 20 carts means the Dollar Tree has lost over $3,000 due to theft. Why are the Hinesville police not doing their job? How often do they see shopping carts at people’s houses and not notify the theft division?

The affray in the March 8 paper was deemed a mutual affray. Neither party elected to press charges, so there was no arrest made.

I would recommend that the city council get two vans and get on the bus and be required, you can even cancel one of your town-council meetings, and start out in the morning and ride specifically in every single major neighborhood in Hinesville, and look at the condition overall of Hinesville, not from where you drive your car to go to work. But take a look at us. Somebody might wake up.

The weatherman said Tuesday night we got a freeze warning, and for Wednesday night, we got a frost warning. I called WTOC and asked the difference. The guy at the other end of the line didn’t know, said he’d have to look it up. Can anybody tell me what the difference between a freeze warning is and a frost warning?

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