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Sound off for March 9
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Many of us on a fixed income miss the day-old bread store. I guess it’s a lot easier just to throw it in the Dumpster by the stores. And how about Second Harvest, where you can donate stuff?

Do you remember when the Pizza Hut had the dish called cavatini? They quit preparing the cavatini, but I’d wish they’d go back to the cavatini. It was big, different kinds of noodles with hamburger meat, peppers and onions and pepperoni. It was so good. Please go back to making the cavatini and selling it. It was so delicious.

Is there a specific time that cars are supposed to turn their headlights on? I counted six vehicles without headlights on from Frank Cochran all the way to Highway 84, and it was pitch dark out.

If this ridiculous weather — freezing one minute and hot the next — isn’t proof enough for you that climate change is upon us, you’re in serious denial.

Ladies, just because you can get the clothes on does not mean they actually fit. Only you and your washing machine know what size is on the tag in your pants, so please buy sizes and styles that flatter you.

If two guys step out in front of your car, forcing you to stop, and then ask for a ride, don’t give them one. Get out of there!

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