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Sound off for May 11

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How can people vote for a socialist? Do they not realize that is same as being a communist. We need to educate these ignorant people. Please don’t vote for communism. Our country is in a mess as it is.

I’ve been at the Board of Education meeting. That was illegal for them to vote for the videotaping the meetings. They have to wait a time period. They voted for this in December. By Robert’s Rules of Order you have to wait and all. The chairman needs to get her facts together. The no votes were right. I’m going to report this to the state.

I saw in Sunday’s newspaper where the new mayor and his City Council cronies are going on two separate workshops on St. Simons Island later this month. My question is why they can’t combine those workshops. Folks, this is the same mayor pushing SPLOST tax.

I’d like to see the police around here enforce the law. The kids are walking around with their pants hanging.

Come on, people, we need a change. You ride down the streets and you can’t see the lines. The streets are full of potholes. And these commissioners are not doing anything. I don’t really know who is in charge of this. But we need a change in that department. We’re paying taxes and they got the nerve to ask for SPLOST. And what are they doing? They’re building buildings.

This county was named Liberty for a reason, a good reason. If this county agrees with Donald Trump and his tactics and his bigotry, it is not a county I want to live and raise my family in.

We’re watching the older girls playing softball and don’t understand why they get to play only three innings. They get one point behind and don’t get a chance to catch up because the ref calls the game at three innings. Something is wrong when the girls are treated like this.

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