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Sound off for May 2
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The editorial was so on-point referencing soldiers’ maintenance of off-post housing. Chain of command should be conducting health and welfare inspections on off-post quarters as well as on post.

To all you Liberty County parents, you need to do something about your kids. There’s teenagers walking around late at night in Hinesville. You need to keep them out of trouble.

I hope everyone votes against SPLOST. If they receive the money, they’ll spend it foolishly. For example, what are we doing with three courthouses in Hinesville and the Taj Mahal board of education building, and the city hall that costs over $5 million? Why aren’t they paying the debt off first? Maybe then they’ll get SPLOST after that. But they’re not going to get my money.

The fact that not a single member of the Liberty County Board of Education attended the visitation of Mr. Etheridge of Liberty County High School is appalling. The BoE made their appreciation for their teachers known when they failed to show their respects to one who gave 30-plus years to the school system. Changes are needed come election time.

Hooray for the person that sees the racial difference here divided of Georgia Black Mayors Association, asking where’s the white association. Also, I ask, when we have February as Black History Month, where’s the white-history month that we celebrate like a whole month?

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