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Sound off for May 22

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The POTUS, VP and attorney general are men of the lowest character, no moral values. I have far more confident in the former FBI Director Comey then I will ever have in the POTUS, VP and the AG. They attack democracy.

So glad that the FBI Director Comey is man who always stood for what is right and worked in the best interest of America and not Donald Trump, who is by far a very dishonest man with no moral value an embarrassment to democracy. Rest assured, Trump will never send his sons or daughter off to war. Trump and family will always have access to the best health care in the world even if you and family don’t.

I’ve had the pleasure of living in different states and even different countries but by far this seems to be the most foolish school system ever. Why are we making these students go back school in August? Something I’m sure the board members weren’t made to do in their school age. I’ve always had the pleasure of having June to September school years but August to May why? It’s no wonder these students are far behind than other states in their test scores. They miss most of their summer because they are in school and can’t even go out to recess, because in August it’s entirely too hot. I put some of the blame on parents that are lackluster because they don’t let their voices be heard at board meetings. Give us back our summer days.

Captain Nestor, sorry you were forced to retire by the sheriff. We appreciate all you have done for Liberty County. You have our support in 2020.

I’m a teacher at the Liberty County School System. I’m not leaving because of Dr. Lee. I’m leaving because of teacher against teacher in my school. We’re supposed to work together. I feel sorry for our kids. Thank you, Dr. Lee.

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