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Sound off for May 23

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733.

I just like to know, what is wrong with these Georgia politicians? They want everything to run on Obamacare, like that’s something really good that you can win. Don’t you realize how many people have been helped by that right here? And don’t you realize the fact is you don’t want to expand Medicaid and you want take that away? Where have you been? Have you seen all these testimonies of people that has benefitted from that? What are you trying to do to us poor people here who are trying to make it on Social Security and everything else? Well, I tell you what, you’ve been fooling me long enough, but you’re not going to fool me no more.

I am so disappointed to see that Button Gwinnett is not participating in Relay for Life this year. They always do. What happened?

I’m calling in to respond to why kids from Coastal Academy do not attend the Special Olympics. As a former employee, I would say that the reason they don’t attend is because they are over there for a reason. That’s why they are not in special ed in Liberty County schools is because they have behavioral issues, and half of them would probably run away. They are very defiant, and I do not believe they should be able to attend the Special Olympics.
Why can’t Lewis Frasier Middle School students wear black shirts? It doesn’t make sense that they’re not wearing black uniform shirts. My child’s getting ready to go over to Liberty County High School and their uniform is black shirts. So why is it that I have to rebuy everything when he can go from black shirts at the middle school to black shirts at the high school? They really need to reconsider this and look into it for next year.
According to recent comments in Sound off, apparently the only people who didn’t have an impact on America was the white people. These people need to get a life. That’s all there is to it.
This is a note to all the kids graduating this year: Don’t forget to join the zombie apocalypse and get a smartphone.
To the individual in the Sound off for May 9 that was talking about only in the South would you find ignorant individuals complaining about something such as black mayors: If you don’t like the South, brother, pack your bags and head north. Matter of fact, call me and I’ll help you. Have a good day.

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