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Sound off for May 31

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Hey, remember when the South won the Civil War? Yeah, me neither. Get over it.

If the businesses in Midway don’t fix their parking lots, that means they really don’t want you to come to their business. So don’t go. That is why we really need more business in Midway. The mayor and council have shown that they really don’t want new business. And the police department runs the people away from Midway. Now with the sheriff’s station in Midway, it’s mad.

I see that Donald Trump has already formed his 2020 campaign as an independent. I would like to know why I should consider voting for him.

I think it’s time our black elected officials to wake-up and stop the sheriff and his deputies from treating the citizens the way they do. The sad, sad part is that the sheriff has hired the worst the city of Midway had.

I sure hope the transportation department gets its act together next school term. My child had almost 20 tardies because of these late buses. Even though the tardies were excused, it’s still ridiculous that the buses were running so late.

Are we tired of winning yet?

My mother has always told me that when you lie, the stories will never be the same. Tell the truth and the story will be constant. I guess the White House never heard of that!

Everyone should read the health care bill that was passed by Congress. Did you know that an add-on by a Republican male congressman says that rape is now listed as high risk on the insurance list. This is just unbelievable! Oh, by the way Congressman Carter voted for it!

When you look at how the FBI director was fired, it is amazing that a private security man took the letter to the FBI office. Not a phone call from the White House or a courtesy meeting, but a henchman delivering the bad news. Another poorly executed plan! Social media knew about the firing before the director! How sad this White House handles itself.

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