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Sound off for Nov. 12

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

I’m calling about the Liberty County jail system. I’ve called the sheriff’s department, the health department, I’ve even called the jail three different times to report that there are scabies in the jail, and I cannot get anyone to listen in that jail. So, could we please see if we could get the inmates checked to see if they have scabies? Because I know for a fact that we had a girl left the Liberty County jail to the prison, and she left with scabies.

Coastal Courier, I think it’s a shame that you don’t give your old customers a discount or a special on your news, because it only says “new subscriptions only” on all your ads. Why not recognize your old customers? You might be losing some with putting less paper out each week.

I can’t believe that you spelled my daughter and her cousin’s name wrong in the paper. Our family has only been getting the Courier for about 30-something years, and you never misspell it on the billing. Unbelievable.

I agree, the iPads need to go. The BoE has wasted taxpayers’ dollars that should have been spent on keeping the valuable programs that we lost, such as parent facilitators and also the STAR program. I’m still waiting to see the behavior specialists replace the STAR program. The teachers nor the students take them serious. The STAR program needs to come back.

To the person that wrote in the paper about Bradwell losing year after year … you were being very insensitive. You may want to think about how you word things when you start attacking the child. That was very wrong and insensitive of you to do so, and childish.

The person that wrote about the coach at Bradwell and his son being the quarterback, I had to chuckle at you, because … it sounded like a personal attack, and cowardly, too. I really would say, it sounded like a cowardly attack.

I for one will not vote for new special taxes until someone explains why some county employees say they have not had a pay raise in six years, and why you can’t afford to keep our teachers in the classroom educating our children and not out on furlough, while our leaders build bridges and buildings as monuments to their time in office.

Loved you yesterday, love you still; always have, always will.

While underpaid faculty and staff worked hard at educating our youth and students were in classrooms and in close vicinity, their principals and CEOs were busy throwing money at the feet of a retiring principal like in the movie “Magic Mike.” Real professional, appropriate and great use of tax money. Right?

If Mr. Brown wants to shift the tax burden from property owners to consumers, he should do away with all property taxes and go strictly to a fair or consumer tax.

Well it’s a shame Liberty County High School has outshined Bradwell. What is wrong with Bradwell? Maybe we need new coaches in all the sports, because it seems like we can’t do well in any of the sports.

High-school coaching is not like rec coaching. You have to pull out the worst players. When they make errors, you pull them out no matter who they are, or if they’re going to get their feelings hurt, you pull them off the field, and that’s how you win games. If you keep lousy players in the game and don’t pull them, then you lose games and you never advance to state.

Is it me, or does anyone else find it strange that you have educators and administrators that teach in the Liberty County School System but choose to send their kids to private schools such as First Presbyterian. I find it somewhat offensive. If your child is not good enough to go to the school system in which you teach, maybe you should teach in the private school.

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