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Sound off for Nov. 29
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

"So the kids are being told that their picture will not be in the yearbook if they don’t purchase them. I mean, come on. Senior year is already an expensive year for us parents."

"CCRPI scores declined last year for the same reason many good teachers left the school system, lack of discipline. Hopefully, Dr. Perry understands that if students don’t behave, they don’t learn, and they keep others from learning. Dr. Lee thought a lack of referrals meant the children were behaving properly. It did not."

"Walthourville Mayor Daisy Pray and your clerk both need to be removed from your positions and somebody else put in charge that has the citizens’ welfare as their first priority instead of their own interests."

"At this time of giving thanks, I am thankful for the locally produced material carried in the Courier."

"Buddy Carter said that Medicare and Social Security were entitlements. I didn’t realize Medicare and Social Security were entitlements. I accidentally paid into them every paycheck for 40 years. So could you send me my refund check."

"If the Senate probes Franken based on the sexual assault allegation from 2006, will they also investigate the 19 claims of sexual assault against Trump? We cannot have a serial sexual assailant in the White House."

"If Marshawn Lynch should be suspended for sitting, perhaps the Attorney General should be jailed for lying, Roy Moore for child molesting and Trump for sexual assault, collusion and treason."

"Thank you Dr. Lee. Liberty County Schools miss you. You will always be our school family."

"The traffic control officers working the bus traffic on 84 at Joseph Martin do a great job, but when they work the morning shift, it’s too dark to see their light wands, they need to put in overhead lights to light up the intersection."

"Please find a new superintendent of schools. This guy does not know about culture, climate, finance, data, innovative practices, CCRPI or how to grow a district. He does know how to have inappropriate conversations with his boss, who has yet to learn her lesson. Hopefully Advanc-Ed will fix that. High performing people cannot be micromanaged, intimidated and second guessed. Go back to the car lot, you have been exposed!"

"The city of Hinesville gets another black eye in the form of the city council and their completely inappropriate and unprofessional manner regarding Billy Edwards. You are all a disgrace and embarrassed this city to high heaven. Heads up, the next elections will tell all of you infants to clean out your desks because you all will be out of office."

"Liberty Regional hospital better get rid of their chief officer and associates before they bring the hospital down."

"I can’t believe how rude that office staff is. They talk to us parents like we are nobody and talk to the teachers the same disgusting way. I’m taking my kids out of Frank Long."

"Don’t the Chick-fil-A cows say to "eat mor chiken"? Being closed for one whole day will greatly reduce the amount of chicken being eaten on that day. It goes against their whole advertisement slogan. #OpenOnSunday."

"School operations and staff morale were so much higher when Mr. Carrier was principal. He listened to all staff equally and didn’t pick favorites. Discipline was handled, period, not "adjusted" to make the data better. All students were equal, no matter their ‘packaging.’"

"Trump needs to read the U.S. Constitution. Oh, I forgot, he can’t read. Maybe someone should put it in cartoon format."

"The GOP tax cut will add 17 percent tax increase to the average middle class taxpayer. Buddy Carter is for raising our taxes to give millionaires and billionaires tax cuts. Buddy has lost touch with the First Congressional District. Maybe we the average middle class voters should vote him out."

"I think we need to start a petition to impeach this crooked city council in Hinesville. They are unethical and doing illegal activities."

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