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Sound off for Nov. 5

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I was appalled to read that the raise for principals had been denied by the so-called board of education. I know for a fact that the high-school principals go far beyond their daily jobs. Every ball game they attend, they are always there, but the people in the big house got raises. Why are you denying the ones who really do all the hard work? I do hope when election time comes around, that the people in the county get out to vote for a new board. Liberty County needs some new blood.

Liberty County School System’s new behavior program holding teachers responsible to reinforce good behavior in the classrooms, I have not seen any process that holds parents responsible for their own child’s behavior in the classroom or on the school buses. The school board should keep in mind that bad behavior is tied to socio-economic advantages and disadvantages. Teachers spend half of their class time correcting misbehaving students. Students make their own choices.

According to the recent “HPD wants you to know” in the Courier, they now have nothing better to do than mess with people on bicycles. Let’s look at this logically: not only are there no people riding the useless buses around town, there are rarely any people on the sidewalks. In all the years riding a bike around town, mostly I see bicyclists using sidewalks, instead of risking death or injury riding down the side of 84 or 196. I wonder why the city spent all that money on the new curb ramps all over town. At least the bicyclists appreciate those efforts — a wise use of tax dollars. So if the HPD has to now justify their existence by harassing people on bikes, then I say it’s time for a reduction in force.

When there is a medical emergency, we do everything to protect Americans, like close the borders and stop the flights. No, that’s not what we’re doing. We’re now going to send our National Guard to where the illness is and expose them and they will expose their children. Who is the president taking care of, us or Africa?

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