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Sound off for Nov. 6
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"So now that the council ran off Billy Edwards, are they just going to give the job to Kenneth Howard? I haven’t seen anything on job posting. Personal agenda? I think so!"

"As a qualified individual who has applied numerous times to Liberty Regional, all I can say is the qualification I seem to be missing is being the wrong race."

"Walthourville City Council members, why are you allowing Mayor Pray to cripple the police department? She did the same deplorable conduct with Chief McFadden that she is now imposing on Chief Quarterman."

"Why is it that the Midway mayor is not addressing the half torn down building on the corner of Martin Road? What an eyesore this is and also a safety hazard. Someone is not doing their job!"

"Thank you to the Coastal Courier for not letting the news of Billy Edwards die down. The article on the executive session shows clear abuse of authority and several violations. Billy was the best thing to happen to employees at the city. He was the shield for their bullying!"

"Midway Mayor Clemontine Washington, and mayor candidate Levern Clancy Jr. have been on the council for 12 years. Now, Clancy says he is going to upgrade the fire station. The station was identified as termite infested halfway up the door sills eight years ago. We’re still waiting, councilman. Anybody see any Improvement to the city?"

"Isn’t it interesting that Georgia does not have a paper trail for voting accountability? They solely rely on the voting machine, which we all know never makes a mistake. Maybe Kemp should look at how to make sure our votes really count. We need accountability."

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