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Sound off for Nov. 9

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I cannot believe it, a proclamation for adoption awareness week. When are we going to have one for birth control awareness? If you cannot afford even diapers, why do you have babies?

Something funny I got this morning on my telephone, someone wanting to sell me, it sounded like windows. I said I don’t need no windows I’ve got a new house. Then they said Windows computers and then hung up. I bet they got a good laugh.

Now it’s funny how the school talks about bullies but yet let the kids push other kids around in football. Did y’all know one kid got jumped and another got pushed in the face real bad at the game but yet they did nothing? So is this why so many players are getting hurt.
The person in Gum Branch who opposed the lady from having a meeting class in her home, shame on you. That was an awful thing to do.

Margie Love you hit the nail on the head when you talk about Gum Branch in the paper. It’s a wonderful place. It’s a wonderful church. God bless you for recognizing us.

In the Nov. 1 paper it was a nice write up about Joan Hollingsworth. However, if she were alive I’m sure she’d appreciate that you put she was 67. That is not her correct age.

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