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Sound Off for Oct. 1

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Why won’t the city of Hinesville clean that parking behind Main Street and trim all the dead limbs out of the oaks?

Well, when go up to play the Effingham County High School softball team, you go there and you see these buildings and a softball park built by SPLOST. They don’t have big, ugly buildings there, courthouses and that. They build to the families and the kids. And their schools, they don’t cut the sports at the schools. They have softball in middle school for girls. It seems like they do everything for the families; here, they build for themselves with the SPLOST.
I think in Liberty County, if you want parents involved with the schools, add more sports to the schools, even in the middle school. Now, they want to name a field after a sports guy. Yes, it’s all about the boys, nothing to develop girls and make them better. You have parents coming to the softball fields and encouraging girls to play more. Now, you’re trying to cut all the sports. It’s about just football in schools. It should be about other sports, and there should be more for girls.
Habersham subdivision needs to clean up really fast and finish fixing the houses that are already out there.

Waldo Pafford appreciates our two new administrators. You are doing an outstanding job. Keep it up.

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