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Sound off for Oct. 10
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Here are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:

Georgia’s governor should be ashamed and relieved of his duties for allowing a man to be murdered with reasonable doubt in a case that is 20 years old. There is so much reasonable doubt for Troy Davis that the governor should have given him a stay or a pardon.

I’d like to know why a Long County employee is still working after it was brought to the commissioner’s attention that there was a bribery going on. If something is not done, I’ll be forced to go to the next commissioners’ meeting and show my evidence. It’s already been shown, but nothing has been done.

Where was this place that you went to eat that you had critters and things in your drink or your food — whichever one you found them in? A lot of us would like to know because if there’s stuff in our food or drink, we don’t want to go there either.

During the high school football season in 1999, Bradwell issued T-shirts to its seniors that said “the last of the hard.” Those T-shirts ring so true now. Bradwell football is now a second-ranked football team that can barely compete with the Savannah high schools. It’s time for a change.

Last night, I found out that a girl in seventh grade who plays on an elite team in Richmond Hill is playing against my son, who is in fifth grade, for Liberty County. When I enrolled my son for soccer, I was told it was going to be fair and it was equal. This is not equal.

To all the residents on Beulah Road in Midway, slander can result in civil and/or criminal actions.

Let’s put God back into America. Let’s get prayers back in school. Let’s live by the golden rule. We need to put God back in America and start helping each other. Friends, family — be a family, be a friend. Don’t let the devil in your heart.

Thanks to the New and Not Shop for the gorgeous formals and wedding dresses. I got a beautiful one at a wonderful price.

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