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Sound off for Oct. 16
You can call 912-876-3733 and leave a message or leave one online at and we may use it in an upcoming Sound off column.

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

"Hey Sound off, please find out why mosquito control in Hinesville is not working up to par as they have in the past. In the Fraser Acres, Forest View, Heritage Woods, the low lying area, the mosquitoes are large and there are new types, and they are killing us."

"Did you see them communists at the ball game that didn’t respect the United States flag? I say, hang ’em."

"I’m driving on Airport Road at 25 after 7 and actually see people working on the upgrades to the road. Does this mean we’ll see its completion this decade? It seems like they’ve been working on it a long long time."

"When we came back home from Macon to Riceboro after the storm, Coastal Utilities was already working the scene, working to restore the lines. My power was back on within an hour. Great job. Thanks, Coastal."

"That lady who’s been to Chick-fil-A three Sundays in a row and complained about it not being open must not know much about Chick-fil-A. None of their stores are open on Sunday. She’s also not much of a church lady. The Lord said to rest on the seventh day."

"Donald Trump was correct saying the football players were unpatriotic to not stand up during the national anthem. He was right until he used that bad word and then everything went wrong."

"So you judge people based on how they look and not their character or their work? If you can do your job it shouldn’t matter that you have tattoos. You sound like someone who judges books by their covers. I really do feel sorry for you."

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