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Sound off for Oct. 7
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I’m concerned about the quality of life and how it’s deteriorated here in Hinesville. There’s absolutely no attention from the officials to the quality of life in the city. All it is, try to present an outward image, and the outward image is a shame now until we get someone in the office that’s concerned and will get out and really make a difference.

Whine, whine, whine. Please give the parents of Liberty County High School some pacifiers. If you do not like the lunches, simply send your child a school lunch. Please, please stop whining.

I went shopping at the local Walmart on Saturday and saw this lady — I won’t mention her color — but she pulls out her EBD card, otherwise known as food stamps, and paid for a birthday cake. I further saw this lady jump into a Cadillac Escalade, parked in a handicapped slot without a handicapped sticker, and pull away. This just burns my (butt) to see these people spending our taxpayer money like that.

I would like to suggest that the name of Bradwell Institute’s new football stadium be changed to Olvey Field-Hokey Jackson Stadium in honor of former Bradwell head football coach, coach Hokey Jackson. Coach Jackson led Bradwell to its only state championship and he was a winner. He was a very successful coach, but more importantly, he has a very positive influence on many young men who were fortunate enough to have coach Jackson as a part of their life. I feel like changing the name of the stadium to Olvey Field-Hokey Jackson Stadium would be very appropriate.

Isn’t it sad that one group of politicians, the whole group, thinks that we should have Obamacare? They don’t care what Americans need or what’s right or people are losing their jobs. Isn’t it wrong they just listen to their leader even though it might be right or wrong? This is not America anymore.  We have people we send to Washington that don’t care about Americans. They care about themselves.

I was just wondering, how often does that man that writes that article eat the green slime out of his aquarium?

The president is playing golf while the government is closed down. Reminds me of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns. What has happened to this country?

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