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Sound Off for Sept. 12

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If the school system had asked input from teachers, they would’ve let them know that iPads with every student was not a great idea. The teachers that had iPads in the classrooms for the previous three years for the classroom set weren’t great. Now we’re passing iPads out, collecting them back, then going to pass them back. We have schools that still haven’t gotten their iPads. School systems should ask input from teachers — the people that are in the classroom, working with the kids every day.

Remember this on Tuesday, the first furlough day for our school system, the superintendent has a $20,000 pay raise, but the staff of the schools and the students are having furlough days.

You see we (U.S.) should have concentrated on the task at hand, which was al-Qaida, not Iraq or WMD. Now a cell of al-Qaida has branched off and a threat to the U.S. and is creating havoc in that region. We should have dealt with the threat instead of a witch hunt. Thanks George Jr., D. Cheney and D. Rumsfeld, you really set us up.

You saw me at Sears. You spoke to me. I didn’t know who you were. Then when I got home I said, “Oh my gosh, we served in Panama together.” Sorry I didn’t speak to you much. I’m getting bad CRN. Can’t remember nothing as I get older.

So the superintendent of schools was hired for $170,000 for three years. After a year, someone decides she gets $190,000. Who makes that decision? That’s my tax money going up. Why would anyone get nearly a 10 percent raise when the schools are cutting back, sports being eliminated, teachers’ hours getting cut back and they don’t get raises? I’m very upset about this, especially if it was someone that she hired who decided this.

AAFES makes millions of dollars and hires CEOS. Why can’t they give part-time managers better pay and not require them to put extra hours in so a manager can get big bonuses at the end of the year?

That park does need a bigger sign and a parking lot, and it needs to be open to the public. It makes no sense to have a park that the community is putting money in and it’s not open to the public.

The Coastal Courier has always reported the BoE news and I think, right now, they are doing an outstanding job. So my question is, if the superintendent is so transparent, why does she want to write her “own news”? Is it so she can hide other things from the Coastal Courier?

McDonald’s in Ludowici? Absolutely, we’ve looked forward to this for a long time. Hardee’s in Ludowici? Absolutely not, never. I, nor a lot of others I know, will ever patronize Hardee’s again until they remove those sleazy, sex-filled commercials they’ve started airing.

Oh my gosh, parents, we are really in trouble. First we got this horrible Common Core education shoved down our faces. And now we’ve got all people with all these degrees handing out computers to kids without restrictions, thinking the kids won’t do anything wrong. Wow.

I went to the Bradwell football game against Liberty and I was amazed at how disrespectful the players were on the Tigers. The new coach did nothing about it. There were all kinds of penalties, but the same boys kept on playing. They acted like they didn’t know what they were doing. I had high hopes for my school, but I’m ashamed at that performance and hope the coach will do better.

I want some laws changed in Georgia. I want you to be able to keep left, except to pass. No turn signals required. And no headlights required, night or day. And you can turn left from the right hand lane. That’s how we drive in Liberty County, so we changed the law, I wouldn’t have to get upset with you.

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