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Sound Off for Sept. 17

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School has been in for three weeks and my child is using less technology than she did the last three years. I wish the school system had left the iPads in the classrooms so my child could use it every day. Now there’s only one computer lab to share with the whole school because the system removed them all last year.

Board of education, academic progression is directly related to the lack of discipline in the classrooms. Students with the worst discipline problems are also students with the worst academic progression. What is our superintendent going to do about the discipline problem so academic progression will improve in our community?

Just wondering about the results about Liberty’s Best. Have not heard any results and haven’t seen none in the paper.
(Editor’s note: The Best of Liberty results will be in the fall edition of Liberty Life magazine, which comes out in early October.)

Everybody wants to know what is being built on the empty lot behind Lowe’s. Everybody’s asking, but nobody’s got answers.

In a recent Sunday paper, on page 4, you have a picture of the president with his golf clubs and a representation of the flag. I think it is the coolest thing you’ve ever printed. The president went downhill when he left Bengahzi.

Well, workers in the Liberty County schools, maybe you need to picket like Long County in order to get a raise. That’s no more than fair.

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