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Sound Off for Sept. 22

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I’m a resident of Northgate Apartments. We received funding through a grant for $10 million. They are doing only three apartments at a time and they’re not taking off the roof. We have squirrels living in the walls, much more water inside our apartments. Please tell me why, with all that money, they are not moving us out the way they are supposed to move us out, redo these apartments and then move us back in?

In 1995, an NFL quarterback in the hall of fame, was acquitted for slapping and choking his wife. This new situation in the elevator is nothing new in a violent sport. Quit giving away sport scholarships. At least have the academics to support the scholarships, probably a 3.0 grade-point average

We still have a party store in Hinesville. They have bounce houses, popcorn machines, cotton-candy machines and many other things for rent. They also have centerpieces. It’s important to shop local and keep our money in Hinesville.

If you really want to see a sight, you go to the Fort Stewart commissary and look at the people that come in. The women wear tank tops, tattoos all over their back, arms, shoulders —  you name it, they have it. And the shorts are short. And, of course, you see the tattoos running down the legs. It’s unreal. They have no dress code nowadays in the Army, I guess. When my wife lived in quarters, she couldn’t come out of the house with hair curlers in her hair and a bathrobe. That got you a DR. Today, it’s a joke.

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