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Sound Off for Sept. 29

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John Howard definitely hit the nail on the head with his letter to the editor Sept. 14. Thank you very much.

Why would anybody want to live in Liberty County after all the taxes we pay? It’s like the storm drainage from the city of Hinesville. I see no more pots in my yard that takes care of the storm drainage. The drainage in the yard is way above where the water level is.
I’ve been a member of the YMCA in Liberty County for two months and loving every minute of it. I tell you, Liberty County, if you’re not a member or haven’t been to the Y, you should check it out.
Hinesville’s falling apart. There’s nothing much for anyone to do here anymore, and we have people wanting to go to Washington, D.C., China, Africa, and all they need to do is go up the road to Pooler and some of the these cities that are building up, and getting lots of our money, and find out how to do that and improve our city. Don’t improve other cities. We don’t need you in Washington, D.C.; we have people already hired to go to Washington, D.C., to protect us. You are here to protect the people of Hinesville and improve this city. That is your job.

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